A Home Away from Home

Lomagundi College Primary School provides a caring community experience for our pupils, where we nurture, challenge and teach them to be independent and resourceful as they progress in their school journey.

Life at Lomagundi is all about balance. We have a mix of boarding and day pupils, a mix of different religions, and a mix of girls and boys who live and learn together in our beautiful school grounds. This reflects our motto of “Tabatana” and this togetherness builds the basis of Lomagundi’s friendly, family atmosphere.

We strongly believe the relationship between staff and parents is of utmost importance, and we encourage communication and involvement. By working in partnership, we can provide the support that each student needs to feel secure, valued and loved.

Lomagundi College Primary School boarders-dinner

Boarding at Lomagundi College Primary School

Boarding at Lomagundi provides a wonderful “extended family” experience and the chance to make friends for life. Our hostels have two caring matrons, one for the boys and one for the girls. The matron houses are attached directly to the hostel so that the children are able to call on them at any time. Each hostel has an entertainment area and common rooms which have been newly renovated and come with working desks, toys, TV, DSTV decoder and DVD player. Our common rooms provide a comfortable space for the children to play as well as an area for studying and homework.


The children eat together and receive three meals a day in the main dining hall. All meals are freshly prepared and offer a well-balanced diet, ensuring that the children receive all the nutritional goodness they need. During morning and afternoon breaks, snacks are served with tea.

Duty Staff

As we have Teachers that live on school campus, we have duty staff available at all times, supervising meal times, afternoon activities, and the evening prep. The duty staff ensure that all children are happily tucked up in bed before they hand over to the matrons for the night.

Buddy System

In order to help our new little Grade 1 and 2 children to adapt quicker, we have put in place a buddy system. Each Grade 1or 2 child is assigned a Grade 7 who will help the younger child to make their bed, get dressed in their school uniform correctly, find anything that may have been lost, as well as looking out for them during the course of the day. This also provides an excellent learning experience for the Grade 7s as they develop their responsibilities and maturity.

Weekly Boarding

In order to provide flexibility, weekly boarding options are available for Grades 1 to Grades 7 and is for four nights away from home, where your children are supervised and cared for by the hostel matrons and duty staff.

Parents may either drop their children off at school on a Monday morning and collect them again on a Friday after school, or they may make use of the weekly bus service from Chinhoyi using one of the Rockshade buses. These run on a Monday morning and a Friday lunchtime. The children may then spend the weekend at home, depending on their sporting commitments.

Full Boarding

Full Boarding options are available for Grades 1 to Grades 7. Parents who choose the full boarding options will only see their children on the Fixture Free and mid-term weekends that are set to the school calendar. This means that children stay at school and board for three weeks before they go home. Once again, a bus service is provided to transport children to Harare and Kariba. Families are always welcome to attend house events, sports fixtures or concerts and drama performances in addition to visiting during the open weekends.

If you decide that full boarding is the option for you, you can be assured that your children will be well cared for, entertained and stimulated, as well as living in a safe and loving environment.  Weekends are kept to a routine to provide a sense of stability and security for them with wake-up and bedtimes kept to the same times. However they are also very fun and boarders look forward to activities ranging from nature walks, movie night, Sunday school and letter writing to parents on Sunday.

Day Scholars

Day scholars at Lomagundi College are very much part of our school environment and benefit from the same extensive programme of activities and opportunities as our boarders.

This option is selected by parents who live in and around the surrounding area where parents have the choice to drop off their children for school and then to collect them once school is finished each day. We also assist parents who work by offering a shuttle bus for children to and from school. The shuttle runs in the morning from three pick-up points in Chinhoyi to the school and there are two return trips made, one for Infants at 12.45pm, and the last trip at 5.00pm. The children will always be accompanied by an adult on the shuttle bus.


Lomagundi College Primary School offers a school run to Harare and Kariba every Fixture Free as well as at Half Term weekends.

The parents may make use of the Pioneer bus to Harare that is escorted and paid for by the parents. These run on a Monday morning and Friday lunchtime. Please feel free to contact us directly to find out more here: primary@lomagundi.com