Our Vision

Our vision for Lomagundi College Primary School has always been to provide the highest level of quality education, in an environment that is happy and safe. We believe that educating a child is more than simply developing the intellectual aspect, but rather, to see them as a whole person: emotional, social, physical and intellectual. Our vision is to try to develop each aspect so that our pupils leave our care as forward-thinkers, who are able to thrive in this rapidly changing, technological age.

“This school has grown and developed through necessity and often the sheer determination to survive. Looking back from where we started in 1987 to where we are now, I believe we have acted in favour of sound education, and our motivation has always been our love for raising children. From this ethos we have drawn the faith to rise above the challenges, the strength to get up each day, and the determination to educate and love the pupils into their destiny.”  Bertus Viljoen, Headmaster

Aerial view of our school

LCPS Aerial View